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If no one post any pictures, I will try to remember to take a few when I get a chance. There are also original USGI M1 Carbine 15 rd. magazine pouches that had the flaps cut and extra material sewn on to extend the size to allow the carrying of two 30 rd. magazines in these modified pouches. However these are not as commonly found anymore as they once were.

As far as the prices I mentioned above, as with any of this old USGI gear it comes down to where you get lucky enough to find it. I can go on ebay almost any day of the week and buy an original USGI M1 Carbine 30 rd. magazine pouch if I want to spend $30-50. I have spent many hours/days for many years searching gun shows,rummage sales, tag sales, flea markets etc... So of course I have bought these pouches for as little as $5.00 maybe less? But how much time do you want to spend, never mind the cost of gas and food hitting all these venues. I drive hundreds of miles a year, probably more, but it is a hobby for me, plus I am also looking for other antiques in my travels. If you really want one of these USGI 30 RD. magazine pouches for your use and enjoyment, I'd suggest looking at ebay. Plenty of people dislike ebay, which is fine, but you will find what you want there.

Good luck with your search.

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