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By 1972, about the only guns using .30-06 in Viet Nam were the Browning 1919A4s, A6s and M37s. Most all the shoulder fired guns were either M16s, .30 Carbines, and M14s. The M1 Garands were mostly "obsolete", and there was still plenty of Cal. .30 Ball M2 packed in the M1 Garand en blocs to satisfy needs. With the end of the Viet Nam War in 1975, the Browning MGs and Garands were mostly designated obsolete, and Lake City stopped all production of .30-06 ammo, with 1975 the last year LC loaded any. Meanwhile, the DCM (now called CMP) was strongly supporting their member clubs with loaner M1 rifles and Ball M2 ammo. This ammo (mostly leftover Viet Nam era) had been loaded at LC and packed out in the en blocs specifically for M1 Garand use, usually in bandoleers. When this ammo finally ran out (about 1986), the DCM was told the only .30-06 ammo left in the supply system was all linked, for MG use. They then contracted with Red River Army Depot to take millions of rounds of this linked ammo, delink it, and repack it in the en blocs for Garand use. All of this repacked ammo was packed back into the original .30 cans (repainted) with 280rds per can, instead of the usual 264rds; and was restenciled with a new lot number, reflecting the date of the repack. Red River continued to repack this MG ammo thru about 1994. Most all headstamp dates on the RR repacked ammo will be from around 1966 up to 1975. All ammo will show scuffing and tarnishing on the shoulder area, caused by the links. All of the 60s dated ammo was loaded with IMR4895 (or CMR100) powder, whereas most of the 70s dated ammo was loaded with waivered lots of WC852. Most lots loaded in 1974 & 1975 however, were loaded with IMR4895.
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