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It was bound to happen: A thread about Drill Rifles and how, when, why and where they were "Deactivated and turned into Drill Rifles." Not only that, but CMP has not inspected each and every one of them before putting into the store or selling online, and hanging a tag with the specifics. Buyer, if you seek a Drill Rifle, that is what you will get. The procedures creating that "Rifle" may be simple or complex. I suggest doing two things:
1. Read and understand the definition of "Drill Rifle."
2. Caveat Emptor. Look before you leap.
adden: CMP is not selling these with the proviso that they Can or SHOULD be reactivated.
*I have a Drill 1903 and a 1903A3. Both could probably be reactivated. I bought them
for the stocks, placed those stocks on rifles I already had. Excellent stocks, clear
cartouche and proofs on both. I am delighted with my Drill Rifles.
**I doubt if the armorer on duty will even give an opinion on whether a Drill could be
brought back to life if you asked him.

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