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Hello Tenn Boy,
Well I honestly figured one day I would run into you again most likely at the south store but you beat me by two days. I am in hopes to be there Saturday morning. Wife has a reason to be over in the Big B over the weekend. I came to the forum looking for a South store report and given your attention to detail there could not have been better except you should have individually inspected all the Krags for me.
I know you said lotsa Krags could you ball park a vague number. I was going to call the South Store tomorrow afternoon and make sure they had some before I made the 30 mile detour. No m1917s in the rack I take it? The magnificent Eddy I got last October needs a rack friend and I know if I go and don't get a Krag or 1917 I will walk out with another Garand which I dont really need but I obviously would have to buy once there.
Thanks for the post again.
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