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Originally Posted by Sandy Claws View Post
In regard to the sales process itself it truly appears that it is being made up as the process goes on. 13 days into the acceptance of packets, it was suddenly announced on the forum that it was decided that multiple order packets in the same packaging would disqualify both packets. I can only imagine how this would crush those who went through all of the effort and were willing to spend a not small amount of money, only to have the policy changed to disqualify them outright.
The key with this issue is the definition of the word "packet". I have sympathy on this issue because I likely would have incorrectly interpreted the meaning of packet to be the documents for an order themselves, but the definition of packet is the container (ie envelope in this case) and the first page of the order form says one packet per customer. Luckily this doesn't affect me because I only sent in one order.