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I wouldn't send a Nerf scope to Parson's, but that's just my opinion. Others may have their opinion, but once again, I am entitled to mine. I know many of you probably had good work done, but maybe they just don't understand M84s. Hence, why I do them now.

I bought quite a bit of wire from Dan, he does a very careful job spooling it for you , but you can buy SPOOLS of wire on E-bay for a very cheap price, if you need a lot. I do, so it made sense for me. I picked up 24,000 ft. of .00075 stainless steel wire for $30. I also bought 5000 ft of .0010, 6000ft of .0012. All of them combined was under $150. It's cheap enough to give away, but the labor needed to measure and wrap it is a pain, and I give credit to Dan for doing this. I wouldn't.

Ironsights does good work, it's just a wait. At 10 months, I was told I could pay $25 for "expedited" work. I have my opinion on that "offer", but you take it as you may. Mix Sexton's work is good, so that is all that matters. Plus, he's the ONLY ONE with ART II parts.

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