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I like to think it's a matter of weeding out the chaff.....those who shouldn't own a firearm anyway.

Reminds me of a mid term in one of my classes way back when in college. Directions said, read this exam completely and follow all directions. Of course I didn't. Failed miserably because the very last thing on the exam said "Do not complete questions 1 through 10, fill in the name and student ID portion, and in the comments tell the instructor what you liked and didn't like about the class".

A Radiologist I worked with a few years ago told me a story about medical school (true or not I can't vouch for). She said one of her first classes was an introduction to human anatomy. There was a naked cadaver on a table on it's belly. All the students were gathered around, and the Professor started off saying, "to be a successful doctor, there are two rules. First, you must get over your natural discomfort when dealing with bodily functions, death, and the more base aspects of medical practice, as well as human nudity. The 2nd rule is attention to detail. We're going to start with the first rule". Then he put his finger in the cadaver's anus, and licked it off. "Now, I want each of you to do the same thing I did". After much gagging, throwing up, freaking out, and some passing out, most of the students were able to do it. Then the professor said, "Now we're going to talk about the 2nd rule. I used my middle finger in the anus, but licked my index finger. All of you used your index finger for both".

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