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Originally Posted by N8232J View Post
How charming.

I fear we have been too hasty in judging our fellow man.

This could also happen by simple oversight.

It's hard to believe but there are still quite a few people, especially oldsters, who are not 'online'. This is by choice. They rely on others to fetch things for them via computer when such things must be done.

The 1911 offering has been publicized in other media with various levels of detail and accuracy.

A person who does not use this website or perhaps does not use a computer at all when presented with pages 1A through 4A and lacking the cover page of the packet would simply not know the acceptance time window.

You are being sarcastic aren't you! OR.....were YOU one of those early submitters and just CYA? IMHO - No excuse as all was CLEARLY SPELLED OUT
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