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Default Dog gone it!

[QUOTE=pappasue;1325090]Our school system is so messed up there is no going back to reality. I am a product of catholic grammar school and inner city public high school ,I was also a high school coach. PC means kids necking in the halls have nothing to worry about, it also means when a kid disrespects a teacher and the teacher sends kid to principle THE TEACHER not the kid gets disciplined.
PC is a liberal thing ,don't ask me to explain it I just know it when I see or hear it.
Every night after grammar school there was a fight then it was over and after a few days forgotten, this was a catholic grammar school. If you equate a punch in the nose or a fight after school "violence" you are part of the problem and have already been brainwashed.
At my high school if you didn't stand up for yourself you were going to be doing a lot of running, I don't like running."

You wanna pull resumes into this? Okay. I wouldn't know what I am talking about concerning this issue. I only hold two Bachelor's degrees (BS in Journalism, Minor in History) and taught English Language Arts and Social Studies (Bachelor's in Education, earned it while teaching with a non-tax in charter and Catholic schools) in the inner city. I am certified to teach 4-9th grade and taught for 5 years in the inner city (5-8 grade). Before that time, I wrote for a daily newspaper, have had many articles hit the AP wire and was nominated for a press award while I was still a college student. I mention that last bit because I can say more than you would ever want to know about the state of journalism in this country and my dissolution with the rise of "pundit news." Those are the talking points you keep quoting. I hear the same garbage spewed by ilk like Limbaugh and Savage.

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