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So much fuss about nothing. If corrosive primers were so destructive then how come millions of rifles survived? Answer, Cleaning properly. I have shot tons of corrosive ammo, through my Mosins, Garands, Springfields, Mausers, FN's...never had a problem with salt corrosion. If you are so paranoid about your cleaning procedure, buy a can of USGI Rifle Bore Cleaner, Mil-C-372B, NSN 6850-224-6657, Haskon Inc, DSA 600-74-C-1254, 8 FL Oz....and use it as the millions of GI's have for the past 50+ 8 oz can has lasted me 15 years plus. For info: I have seen ( and own) a British Enfield that the previous owner only cleaned with Hoppes, and only cleaned MAYBE once a year....when I purchased it it had a very fine coating of rust in the bore, ( I got it for $100 because of the " rusty bore"), I cleaned it up and it is still the most accurate bolt Mil surp I have and that's even with using the nasty surplus cordite rounds.

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