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Default "New guy" from Western NC (and sometimes TN)

I'm really not new to this site. I've been lurking here for over a year but couldn't post and gave up trying to get it fixed until this week. Thanks for getting it straightened out Christine!

I'm certainly not a Garand expert by any stretch but I've been shooting them occasionally and buying them from the CMP for many years. I know a good bit more about black rifles than Garands but I hope you won't hold that against me. My other hobby is flying but I'm not current.

I come from a Marine family. My dad, myself, my oldest and my youngest son were/are Marines. My oldest son is still in. He's currently deployed and flies an AV8B Harrier.

Semper Fi, Tres Deuce. Rest In Peace GM, MG, JK, CC. May 2, 2008 - Freedom has a taste the protected will never know at a price they cannot understand.

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