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I went yesterday, only 4 people were there at 8:30. There was a full half rack of SG's and about 8 FG's. I picked out a 3.4m Springfield with 2-45 dated barrel. Rifle was all correct except for a late rear sight and new CMP stock. Muzzle was a 1 and TE a 2, breech was in the white.
The FG's were all reparked. The SG's had 5 or 6 HRA's, with three 5.7 m. 2 were electro etched on receiver leg with SA and a 65 date. There was a NM SA also with etched receiver leg. They all had original finish with breech in the white. The rest of the rifles included some 43 and 44 but reparked. Some 41 and 42's rebarreled with 47 and 51 dated barrels.
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