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I stopped in today and was in the store for an hour by myself. When I left at around 3:30 there were at least 18-20 service grades on hand, 5 of which were HRA with the rest being Springfield. Quite a few of these rifles have correct barrel's, and several were WW11. There were 7 or 8 field grades left, all Springfield, most reparked but a couple that were either original finish or reparked many decades ago. A couple of those were WW11, and there were a couple six digit receiver's in that lot also. I believe there were about five of the correct grade WW11 still left, and even though I didn't look at the correct grade HRA's, the rack they were in last week still was fairly full. Three full rack's of drill rifles, several rack's of both M1C and M1D, and if you are wanting to upgrade the furniture on an 03A3, they have a large selection of drill's with lot's of beautiful stock's. The North Store remain's as stocked up as i have seen it in the last year and a half, and if your contemplating a trip you should be able to find something to take home with you.
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