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Originally Posted by John Beard View Post
Your rifle may or may not have been assembled at Springfield Armory. About half the Rock Island receivers between S/N 375,000 and S/N 400,000 were assembled at Springfield Armory with most falling above S/N 388,000. Virtually all receivers above S/N 400,000 were assembled at Springfield Armory.

The Springfield Armory records are safely secured in a government warehouse right next to the Hebrew Ark of the Covenant from "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

Mr. Beard,
I know some RIA receivers were not marked with their serial number, and later sent to Springfield Armory where they were assembled, and SA added their serial numbers to these receivers, well over 1 mil range. Way over what you would expect to see on a RIA receiver.

Do you have any idea how many of these RIA receivers were stamped with such high numbers?
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