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Arrow Rng process

Ok, here is the current scoop and as always subject to change:

Disregard the Oct. 5th date about the RNG.

We are allowing the mail services, USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, Carrier Pigeon & Pony Express, to deliver all packets post marked on 4th Oct. We will allow a few days, once all packets have been assigned a number(this will also take a few days) we will enter the numbers into the RNG which will then assign a number to each packet. Once all packets have their assigned RNG number, we will start the processing of the packets. As each packet has to be check for correction/completion before we can notify anyone, this will also take time. My guessimate is at least 30 days before anyone is notified. I may be wrong, and hope I am. Everyone MUST bear with us as this is a first for us also.

DO NOT CALL or EMAIL ASKING WHAT YOUR NUMBER IS All this does is slow us down and upsets you. We have already had one person demanding to know his number. I WILL NOT TOLORATE ANYONE BEING RUDE/UGLY AND CUSSING AT OUR STAFF (this does not include me of course). That person's packet has been thrown away.
We understand everyone wants to know their number and we will work as fast as we can.
As we did with the early submission packets, we will try to notify those that packets were not accepted. This will be after those that were accepted are notified.
At this time we have over 17,000+ packets.

As more information comes available I will try to keep everyone posted.