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Thanks for the update Admin! I have been checking in periodically the past several months and must say I have had a few chuckles over the entire process, mostly from the good natured remarks from you!

You gotta have a sense of humor to deal with all the knuckle heads that walk around among us. I'm not sure if I got everything correct in my packet or not, but I certainly had plenty of time to make sure I did.

I was part of the recent carbine release and wasn't among the lucky to get drawn, though I do think I was in the hunt as my packet was received during the first day or two before they stopped accepting packets. I'll never know how close I came.....I feel much better about how this pistol release is being handled, giving everyone as equal a chance as possible. Letting us all know where we stand in the draw line is great too. Takes all the nail biting and gnashing of teeth away as well wondering if you're going to get drawn.

Looking forward to the results!!