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Originally Posted by gf113 View Post
My understanding is that got 8000 for FY18. FY19 started on Oct 1, so they might be getting more soon.
Or they might not get them until later. I would refer you to Section 1091 as there are specific things that have to be done. Due to the delay in when the Army transferred them, part of the requirements for fiscal 2018 are going to be impossible ( or extremely easy depending on how you look at it ) to do. If they do get the next shipment before these are sold, I would be surprised ( and happy ). I am disappointed in that there are less than 18,000 packets currently. That could all be met with the next shipment being 10,000 and then the program would be in limbo. If there were more packets, then it would show more interest to the Army in getting more transferred to the CMP.

And tanks to admin for keeping us informed.
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