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I have a couple bags of Winchester brass for my 7mm Rem Mag. I took a piece of my once fired (federal I think) and measured it, and then measured the new winchesters. The shoulder on the Winchester is comically far short of my fire formed. I had actually hoped be able to resize it while loading so it would be closer to my chambers actual spec, with a little wiggle of course, but until I fire them once the full size die is not reaching those shoulders. For what I want to do, once fired would be more valuable to me.

What does all of that have to do with the mic? As mentioned above about the hornady version, I basically use it as a comparator, checking between my fire formed and potential reload brass.

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As far as the bullet seating depth gauge. Its not that hard to use. It gets you close. I think some bulet designs it might not work well with ?
I ended up buying the horday gauge and the "modified" cases its easier and quicker PLUS you get to use the bullet you intend to.. I also still use the poor mans gauge with my cast bullet rifles. simple a slip fit case mouth and black sharpie on the bullet type to "see" contact.
I use the hornady seat gauge as well, but while it is useful to measure the ogive distance when touching the lands, it still leaves one hunting and pecking to adjust the micrometer seating die, so one can adjust bullet jump. I had hoped the rcbs bullet “dummy” would bridge that gap. For reference, I am using berger vlds.

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