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I agree with reloading ammunition for these older rifles using cast lead bullets. Save your brass.

Commercial ammo should be Boxer Primed - that is there will be one primer hole seen from inside the case, vice two (Berdan Primed). It is the Boxer type primers that are easiest to use in reloading.

Many who reload suggest "slugging" your barrel buy driving a soft lead bullet down the bore using a rod and mallet. Then measure that slug with a micrometer to see what the actual bore size is.

A number of companies; Lee, Lyman, and RCBS (to name a few) make bullet molds in many different calibers and weights. Do some research in advance to see what is available in the size of your bore.

A lead bullet cast to any given measurement can be "sized" down to a slightly smaller diameter. For instance, I cast a bullet measuring .311 out of the mold, and then run it through a Lee sizer to make it .309 for use in my 30-06.

While there is a range of actual bore sizes between rifles, generally two other rifles in the same stated caliber as the .303 British are the Russian 7.62 mm Mosin Nagant and the Japanese 7.7mm Arisaka.

Lyman publishes a very good "Cast Bullet Handbook" which discusses the subject in depth. Load recipes for cast bullets generally produce less pressure than load recipes for jacketed bullets, and hence less recoil.

The Cast Bullet Association (CBA) publishes good articles on the subject and many of its members compete in matches using historical military rifles like yours.
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