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I would not shoot .303 military ammo. Most of it was cordite and corrosive. It was very hard on barrels as evidenced by the often poor condition of SMLE bores. Best ammo IMO, is .311-.312" bullets handloaded with moderate charges of the usual powders...IMR 3031 is fine. The 123-125gr bullets sold for the 7.62x39mm are preferred for usual 100-200yd shooting. Winchester makes a .311" 125gr soft point that has been excellent. Hornaday makes a 174gr boat tail. I see no advantage in the heavier bullet and possible problems with the reduced bearing surface in worn bores. If you are limited to commercial ammo, you will just need to experiment (at considerable expense). Period literature indicates that the Mk 3 rifles were capable of good accuracy when barrel condition was good and the stocks fitted properly. Many of these rifles have terrible bores and will not perform. SARCO has replacement barrels. Good Shooting. ... Addendum: cast bullets are an option, but involve a lot more than simply using jacketed bullets. Additionally, rough bores will not work at all with lead bullets. Might mention that my first centerfire rifle was a $16 Mk1#4. I still have it, tried many versions of cast and jacketed handloads over the years and it will still shoot just over one moa in it's current Weaver scoped 19" barrel sporterized version.

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