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Next week I'm taking out my 1916 SMLE No. 1 mk III* to the range with a few friends. Awhile back I had some rounds keyhole and different box of ammo shot pretty well. I have only shot this rifle a couple of times. This is before I found out about different sized bullets being used by different ammo companies. Also, I believe I read that some of the barrels were of slightly varying size as well. I also remember reading something about boat tail rounds but don't remember if they shot well or terribly in these. Can anyone give me some ideas on options? Open to all advice as I just don't want people that have never shot one of these to be disappointed. For starters I was just going to bring a variety of brands of .303 ammo I already have and if one box shoots poorly switch to a different one. I do not own any .303 military surplus right now, just commercial ammo.

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i have a No4 Mk2 bore sluged at .313" i run a . 314" cast bullet I can muster up 250/300 cmp games match.
When I shoot factory ammo only 2 get decent results.
Greek HXP 303 and PPU 150 gn soft point.
If I can find .312" bullets i have had good results with slightly lower veloxity loads with the lighter bullets.
I dont see .312" jacket bullets for much less than . 30 cents each these days so i rather buy the PPU.

Only thing I noticed with new production 303 is there is no bevel on the case rim. You might get a little rim lock. My rifle does not lock up but S&B ammo definately is a bit grabby on the rims.

Another thing also is some cases the rims are thinner.
Winchester and remington are two. I also had a box of factory remington that had .308 bullets?

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