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Originally Posted by champ0608 View Post
It all comes down to CMP's interpretation of rule 5.2.2a "The exterior configuration of the rifle must be similar to that of the original military or military-type rifle"

Emphasis on original. CMP is probably scratching their heads, wondering what to do with this specific and somewhat rare case, and wondering the implications of their decision.

I've never shot a modern military match, to have the chance to look at the field. My guess is that most of the ARs have all sorts of doo-dads and gizmos attached to them, and based on that I don't see how they could really have a problem with this stock.

I mean really, take a look at what a nightmare service rifles have become with aftermarket adjustable stocks, aftermarket quad rails, aftermarket scopes, aftermarket mounts and rings. With all that being allowable now, I can't imagine they'd have a problem with your stock.

But all of that is conjecture.
Similar is a royal CF.
My ford escort is similar to a Mustang GT....

If the intent is to get shooters on the line with ARs,Garands, M1a and others for cmp games CMP needs to remove proverbial thumb from kiester and actually go see whats on the shelves these days.

Or really get the rules straight forward and easy to under stand.

Especially on weight as there are not many ARs other than A1s that make weight easily.
Same with the M1a weights are all over the place.
I needed to do some creative parts swap/removal/substitutions to get my M1a to weight.
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