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Originally Posted by cpl w View Post
got the grip off and now the rifle weighs about 9 lb 3 oz. That's with a digital fish scale. A couple of times it showed 9 lb 2 oz and 9 lb 4 oz so accuracy is questionable. I'll show up with it and see what happens.
only SAI standard gets a pass on over weight

Michelle Woods <>

Feb 27, 2019, 9:27 AM

to me

In the Games rule book found at, rule 5.2.2 General Rules for Modern Military Rifles…

Semi-automatic military rifles of U. S. or foreign manufacture or commercial rifles of the same type and caliber or commercial variations of military-type rifles may be fired. There are two categories of Modern Military Rifles
1) Standard Modern Military Rifles (Class A-AR-type and Class B-other military rifles) and
2) Unlimited Modern Military Rifle (Also Class A-AR-type and Class B-other military rifles).
All Modern Military Rifles, Standard or Unlimited, must comply with the following general requirements:
a)The exterior configuration of the rifle must be the similar to that of the original military or military-type rifle;
b)The trigger pull may not be less than 4.5 lbs.;
c)Butt-stocks may vary in length and be either fixed or adjustable. Adjustable length stocks are permitted, but butt stocks that allow for other adjustments such as the cheek-piece height or butt-plate location may not be used; and
d)Magazines may have a capacity of no more than 30 rounds. Magazines may not be used to support the rifle in a firing position where the magazine rests on the ground, shooting mat or arm.

Rule 5.2.4 e)…
Upon request and the presentation of documentation regarding the rifle, this would be for a rifle that is not listed in the class B rifles that you feel should be listed, the CMP Competitions Department may approve the use of other as-issued or production-type Modern Military Rifles that comply with Rule 5.2.2. Weight limits for those rifles must be established according to their maximum weight in an as-issued condition.

The Springfield Armory M1A Standard model would be legal for the Modern Military Matches with the weight of 9.3 lbs. (if the rifle were over 9.4lbs the rifle would not be legal).
The James River M14 full length military configuration would be legal if the weight is 9lbs as listed in the table.
The Bula listed at 9lbs. would be legal for the Modern Military Match.

As our Service Rifle Competition rules evolved to accommodate optics, unfortunately so too did our standard Modern Military rules. In order to accommodate these optics in the Modern Military match, overall weight was addressed by necessity at the same time. With this shift we had Inadvertently created a distinct advantage for particular rifles that could now compete at a heavier weight with minimally restricted modern optics. This led to a rapid influx of rifles essentially built to a lighter weight, Service Rifle Competition specification. As a result, a significant portion of the rifles around which the Modern Military match was originally focused had been rendered obsolete and uncompetitive. It was never our intent for this match to become dominated by “match” AR’s with exorbitantly expensive optics. The 2019 rules represent an effort to correct this oversight, restoring the original intent and diversity of competition for the Standard Modern Military Match classification.
The second significant change to the 2019 rules pertains to general limitations on “accurizing”. The original general restriction on accurizing was again intended to prevent a firearm built to competition Service Rifle Specifications and limit the potential for the Modern Military Match to devolve into another equipment race. Inadvertently, this ban limited participation of the commonly available firearms which were within the match’s original design. It was brought to our attention that commonly available and inexpensive AR type rifles are sold with attributes (float tubes, alternate Sights, etc) which would prevent them from competing due to the accurizing ban. Since the 2019 reversion to the previous weight limit of 7.5 lbs (AR) will eliminate the possibility of competition with a Service Rifle Specification firearm, the impact of any further accurizing is mitigated. In the interest if inclusivity and simplicity of enforcement, the 2019 rules relax any additional restrictions regarding accurizing beyond the clearly defined position on optics and overall weight. 2019 revisions will also ensure that other rifles, such as the M1A which is often sold with an “NM” front sight, will be legal for competition in their commonly available configuration.
I hope that helps explain the changes.

Michelle Woods
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