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OK, I'll bite.

I received two BR's from CMP.
National Postal Meter with IBM barrel (I suspect original.)
Inland with Inland barrel (seems correct.)

The NPM had rear sights already installed. Bore was in great shape. Only reason I could see for the "Salvage" grade was minor rust and pitting. Cleaned most of it off with Flitz and 0000 steel wool.

The Inland was another story. Tag said "Barrel Ring", and they weren't kidding. The barrel was visibly bulged near the muzzle.

I had two stocks from a fellow forum member, they were both cracked, so they were part of my rescue project also, but for $5 a piece, I couldn't go wrong on the stocks! One walnut; one birch.

I tackled the NPM first.
I purchased a complete NPM trigger group, bolt, and slide from Wareagle on this forum, and a barrel band from a local smith. Front sight, key and pin came from another forum member.
Put it all together, and installed it in the walnut stock I had repaired in the meantime while waiting for parts to arrive. Used Gorilla Glue to get the stock back into shape.
(Handguard came from Reese Surplus, nice-looking 2-Rivet walnut.)
Here it is all ready to go:

As received:

Stock had seen better days:

Me at the range......she's a nice little shooter.
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