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I hope we have more barreled receivers being built up than this. Sure some are still getting the parts together and such.

I would really like to see what they turned out like. Accuracy reports included if possible. Mine shoots like a dream. A barrel that guages near new doesn't hurt, but some other factors involved.

What I have learned from some investigation, is that reducing the trigger pull by replacing the trigger spring really improves the accuracy with the carbine. I go around gun shows searching for weak springs. Go figure....

I am always dismayed by the fact that no one has determined any real means of improving carbine accuracy at 100 yards.

Here is my weak attempt at investigating trigger pulls in the carbine. I wanted to make the trigger pull less on a particular rifle. Weighed in at almoist 9 lbs. Ouch. Went around and found one carbine that had a trigger pull of 5 lbs. Swapped the parts one by one to attempt to find source of lighter pull. Swapping the trigger spring alone reduced the pull to 6.2 lbs. The addition of a new hammer spring actually increased trigger pull weight. Rest of trigger pull was reduced by stoning contact points lightly. Just enough to remove park. Got it down to 5.5 lbs from 9.0 lbs.

Accuracy across the board was improved. Score improvement at next match was 25 points.

I know I throw random stuff sometimes....
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