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I remember taking my Dad's parachute knife to "show and tell" in about 6th grade. He was a U.S.Navy pilot during WWII. I'm not sure of the date of the knife. It looked too nice to have been carried by him for a long period of time or during WWII. He never told me he had to use it to cut the shrouds of a parachute. Quite possibly it was a 50's or 60's issue item because he stayed in until he retired in the 60's.

The 3 1/2 inch(closed) knife had day-glo plastic orange side plates, a button that caused only the knife blade to deploy (switchblade) with two blades: one hooked blade for cutting shrouds and one normal blade, both very sharp and mirror finished. There was a u-shaped ring on one end like a Boy Scout knife to hook it to your flight suit.

Kept the knife in my pocket until time to show it in class. No hoo-haa, no freakout, no problem of any kind. Of course this was a public elementary school in Norfolk about 10 minutes from Gate 4 of the Naval Air Station.

At the time my dad was a LCDR stationed at NAS (I believe he was XO but my memory may be remembering a tour in England in the early 60's at a former RAF base at West Malling, Kent, about 5 miles from Maidstone) and we lived in housing just across the street from the Breezy Point O Club. Our housing was also across a field from the BOQ that had the best french fries ever in the snack bar. And the absolute best dumpster diving for Playboy and other nudie magazines on the planet and soft drink bottles for deposits(those junior officers, you know).

Man, what a place to be 12 or 13 and free to travel almost anyplace on that huge naval base on our bikes. Some of the kids I knew there later chose the military for a career including one a couple years younger than me who made Admiral. I was a pretty good kid and the SP's only had to bring me home a couple of times for being somplace I shouldn't have been. SP to my Dad: " I'm sorry Commander but he was found: in the left seat of an aircraft on display or in a hangar or at the end of the runway watching REAL CLOSE as aircraft began their takeoffs."

Sometimes thse Forum pages bring back amazing memories. Both my parents are deceased and, while I think of them often, I don't think about my childhood as often. It was a great childhood, moving around to various places around the world as a kid, not having the pressure my Dad and Mom had on them to make sure my brother and I were growing up OK. We were just supposed to have fun and be good.

Thanks gentlemen, I need to sign off before I go back even further to when my family was in Rome after the War where my Dad was Naval Attache.

I'm sorry, I just can't help remembering all the good times we had.

Happy Days!
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