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Default HXP Reduced Charges

I measured the O.A.L. and the length to ogive on 10 rounds of HXP 1978 that I pulled out of a can of mixed headstamp HXP ball I purchased from CMP. The measurements were .024" difference from long to short. Only 2 rounds measured the same and the rest were all over the board.

I pulled bullets from 32 rounds of HXP 1978 and charge weights in 9 rounds ran from 53.6g to 54.5g with the tenth round having a charge weight of 58.4g.

I thought, why not clean the asphalt out of the case mouths, measure each charge weight and reseat the bullets to increase consistency and maybe gain a little accuracy. I decided to set the charge weight at 45.0g or 84%, which I have done with other surplus ammunition with a great deal of success. The charge filled most the case behind the bullet, so I was not concerned about overpressure due to powder position inside the case.

I fired the 32 rounds yesterday and several of them had delayed ignition. I could hear the distinct sound of the hammer falling as if I was dry firing, then one or two seconds later the powder ignited. This concerned me.

Accuracy was not any better than shooting loose HXP ball with mixed headstamps.

I went back to the range today and fired 69 rounds of HXP with mixed headstamps without any problems.

Use caution if you try to pull bullets and measure charge weights to increase accuracy.
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