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Originally Posted by LazyEngineer View Post
Thanks for posting this. Interesting to see that disassemble and reassembly somehow affected your primers. I cannot imagine how introduction to fresh air, or rearrangement of the powder could do that. Did you use any kind of solvent to remove the asphalt? Did you tumble them while disassembled?

Also, my advise is to not spend too much time trying to make HXP more accurate. The single most important contributor to a rounds accuracy is the bullet itself. And so long as you are re-seating the HXP machine-gun ammo bullet back in the case, it's going to shoot like cheap machine-gun ammo. Mixing ones from different lots, with random powder from different lots...
It wasn't exposure to air or rearrangement of the powder that caused the problems. 45.0 grs. was too light of a load with the slower burning powder. The OP didn't state whether the powder was extruded or ball. If extruded it was probably a variation of IMR 4895; if ball a variation of WC 852. In .30 M2 Ball the average charge of IMR 4895 was 50.0 grs. So 45.0 grs. of a slower powder was probably way too low. (Note: This is not intended to be interpreted as a suggested load.)

Bulk powder's burning rate will vary considerably from lot to lot. Ammo manufactures will adjust the charge weight to achieve the desired velocity and pressure. When mixing powders from different lots the reloader will have no clue as to the burn rate. It's a crap shoot.

As far as I know a given lot of loaded ammo will use cases, primers, powder and bullets that are all from their own individual lots. Therefore all cases will be of a certain lot and the same goes with primers, powder and bullets.
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