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Default N.S. Report 12/09/2018

Hi all
I was at the North Store when it opened today, Saturday, Dec. 8th, 2018 at 8:30 am.
This is what I saw:

M1 Garands:
SA Service Grades,$750. LOTS of them with barrels that are tagged 1+ muzzle and 2 or 3 chambers. Most with GI wood. I think these are the BEST deals. Good looking and should be great shooters. A couple had NM op rods.

IHC Service Grades:$1080. A few with LMR barrels.

M1D Winchester Service Grade :$1755. Only one left with rough GI stock.

SA Field Grades: $650. Barrels and finish not as good as above, but many tagged as guaging 2+ muzzle/2 to 4 chambers. Most had Hackberry stock, a few with GI wood. Buy these and use the $100 saved for ammo!

IHC Field Grades: $980.

M1D, Winchester Rack Grades $1355.

M1C's Rack Grades , but I forgot to note price.

M1Garand Drill Rifles (welded barrel): $380. About a dozen available.

.308 Specials: SA $1050, IHC $1250, WRA $1250. Just BEAUTIFUL rifles.

M1903A3 Drill Rifles (welded barrel) : $150. Six available.

(Drum roll please... ) Old Leather slings:$5. Half a tub available.

A bought a M1903A3 Drill Rifle, Remington, lazy welder, with a stock with a lot of cartouches: RA, FJA, P, Ordnance Wheel. I plan to re-activate this.

This concludes my report.
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