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I have a magpul wrench and had to cut and grind away until it could fit over the tube. I know people have done this with other models as well. Someone else might reply with one that fits over the tube. I know someone made one that utilized a bike chain to engage the teeth on the barrel nut (not sure who though).

You could remove the barrel nut with the tube still installed, but if you are reusing the tube on an A4 upper there is a good chance it won’t index correctly. I believe that RR uses red loctite or something similar on tubes, so you would need a torch to heat the tube and break the bond. Once it’s smoking hot you should be able to use a wrench and remove the lock ring and tube from the nut. This is all obviously easier to do if everything is attached to the upper receiver and mounted in a vice.

Best of luck with your switch to A4. You won’t regret it. I have a centerfire and rimfire A2s that I swapped over to A4s last winter and haven’t looked back.
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