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Originally Posted by Griff557 View Post
Not to side track the thread too much but where do Krags fit into the heat treat picture? I havenít heard of much/any debate on them and they are a single lug bolt which could add to the safety of them....just curious
One factor is that the design of the receiver ring is different. Most 03 receiver failures occurred when a cartridge head failure lets large amounts of escaping, high pressure gases into the locking area of the receiver ring which blows it apart. The Krag doesn't have that setup; it is much like the Garand design that has the locking surfaces located outside the ring. Garand was aware of the receiver ring failures of the 03 and may have designed his receiver the way he did to avoid receiver ring ruptures from defective ammunition. The rear locking, Lee Enfield also does not suffer from receiver ring failures.
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