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I bought a piece of mount stock from Brownells, cut it to (I think) about ten or eleven inches and mounted it over the two back mounts that were already on the rifle. Had to get longer screws at the local hardware store and drill the piece of stock. I used the screw holes on the lower mounts and drilled the upper mount so the screws would go through both and in to the barrel. Didn't have to tap anything cause it was already tapped. It works better if you counter sink the screw holes so the screw heads are low. Not really nuclear brain surgery to do it. The piece of stock as I recall was aluminum so real easy to work. I like "cheap" and it works. It's gonna lie back a bit - leave enough room so you can chamber the rounds. Piece of cake. I think I has some pics around here someplace. Oops I see you already bought a mount. Well, maybe someone else can use the idea.
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