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Originally Posted by mosin10 View Post
It is insane to put water in your barrel. Just clean with hoppes elite once and oil well. There is soo much internet hype about cleaning after corrosive ammo. There are also many more "experts" who will tell you to use windex, hot water, cold water, cooking oil, fried chicken grease, etc. For some reason it seems like a good percentage of gun guys know everything there is to know about everything.

Clean with hoppes eilite, oil the gun. Spend your time on shooting and not on cleaning. If you have a very valuable gun, you probably don't want to shoot old mil surp out of it anyway.
Hoppes Elite will take care of salt residue from ammo with corrosive primers, just as well as tap water does - but it's a bit more expensive and inconvenient since one has to purchase it rather than turning on one's water tap. Running a water-soaked brush or patch in the bore is perfectly rational as long as one runs a sufficient number of dry patches through the bore to remove the water. Oiling afterward is a good idea regardless of which method one uses.

Regarding shooting milsurp ammo or any other kind of perceived old/unreliable ammo in a very valuable firearm - if the very valuable firearm is modern (meaning that it was designed to use smokeless powder) then any smokeless powder ammo is appropriate regardless whether it's corrosive or not - provided the owner of said very valuable firearm knows what the hell he/she is doing.
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