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Originally Posted by Twinson View Post
The eyepiece is focused by moving the erector assembly towards or away from the reticle. The paralax is adjusted by moving the objective assembly closer or further from the reticle on the other end of the scope. This is for USGI scopes.
Would you be so kind as to provide a more detailed explanation of how to make those adjustments that you mentioned? I just acquired a USGI M84 and am trying to figure it out like the OP.

Where is the "erector assembly" and how does one adjust it? Similarly, where is the "objective assembly" and specifically how is it adjusted? Neither end (assembly?) of my scope appears to move with a firm hand grip and twist. I don't want to force any twisting such that I damage the scope due to my ignorance or a prior owner having used a product that nearly glued the components/assemblies together. I'd like to learn about this scope more before messing around any further with it.

Does a operations/service manual exist for these scopes? If so, are copies available? I'd sure like to have one. This novice M1D owner is not only new to M1Ds but scoped rifles in general.
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