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Default Palo Alto November 22, 2020 Last Chance EIC Rifle Match Results

Excellence In Competition Rifle Match
September 19, 2021
Donaldsonville, Louisiana
A Civilian Marksmanship Program Service Rifle Tournament
Match Results

Six hard-core riflemen completed this match with the hang-over conditions of Hurricane Ida. Some good scores were fired in spite of flood water, fire ants, heat and humidity. The match winner was Sam Beane with a strong master score of 478-8X. Sam earns six EIC points, a gold pin, and will receive a gold first-place medal from the CMP. Second place, a silver pin, and first leather went to Laramie Cavin with a score of 466-12X. Laramie will receive a silver second-place medal from the CMP. Third place went to Bruce Pickering with a score of 451-5X. Bruce will receive a third-place bronze medal from the CMP. A special thank you goes to Carl Cavin who drove a long distance at short notice to make this EIC match possible. Thanks Carl, we would love to have you as a regular monthly high power rifle shooter at the Palo Alto R&P Club.

We will have another Excellence in Competition Rifle Match next month on Sunday, October 17 the day after our regular monthly third-Saturday 80-shot regional match course on October 16.

200 SF 200 RF 300 RF 600 SF Total
Sam Bean 98-2X 97-3X 96-1X 187-3X 478-8X
Laramie Cavin 97-3X 100-4X 93-3X 176-2X 466-12X
Bruce Pickering 88-0X 93-0X 81-0X 189-5X 451-5X
Bobby Simpson 78-0 91-1X 91-0X 189-3X 449-4X
Steven Squibb 86-1X 95-2X 93-1X 157-1X 431-5X
Carl Cavin 64-0X 87-2X 87-3X 182-4X 420-9X
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