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Originally Posted by rbgonoles View Post
The first thing I look for is the rear tang crossed cannons. This was applied after the finish, so it should be in the white, look closely. Try to examine or look at photos of others that are original to get a feel for the look.

So very true if I am looking at a Colt,Ithaca or Remington Rand this is a great place to start

Second look at your serial number on the said pistol as itís finish originally may not have been Parkerized
You want to look to see if it was blued (Colts 39í-41í)
Dulite Finish ( All Union Switch pistols, Early Remington Randís)

This is why you need good Poyerís Book reasonably priced and if you going after one of these rare birds you might want to look for a Clawson small book
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