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Originally Posted by COL Hal View Post
Are you serious? I would never shoot it. It is way to valuable.
Opinions vary but consider that it was designed as a service pistol; shooting it is, after all, it's purpose. Shooting an obviously used pistol (wisely) shouldn't affect value.

Some firearms probably should not be shot (one of a kind, specific provenance, etc) and of course, if any parts are worn to be a problem, that is a separate issue.
1911s have enough history that the wear points and typical failure points are easy enough to manage.

Make it a monthly match shooter; well maybe not, but shooting occasionally with family and friends; it shouldn't hurt unless Jack Daniels is involved (home brew ammo, modifications, whatever....)

Of course I haven't seen or examined this specific pistol; my opinion may change. But I have no firearms that I won't shoot based on any potential value loss; and I have many dozens of collectible firearms.


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