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Originally Posted by ZvenoMan View Post
Opinions vary but consider that it was designed as a service pistol; shooting it is, after all, it's purpose. Shooting an obviously used pistol (wisely) shouldn't affect value. JH
I think the argument is not about hurting the value with firing on occasion, but 100+ year old metallurgy and possible soft metals would give me pause. I would, however, suspect a slide fracture would greatly diminish value, unfortunately it is not a "wear" issue, rather a catastrophic one.

A $100 Mosin Nagant, or other comparable milsurp, fire it all day long and if it breaks, throw away or fix cheaply. A family heirloom early 1911, different beast all together.

Perhaps racing a vintage rolls royce that is passed down through the family once a year won't hurt it...
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