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Originally Posted by skohler View Post
I think the argument is not about hurting the value with firing on occasion, but 100+ year old metallurgy and possible soft metals would give me pause. I would, however, suspect a slide fracture would greatly diminish value, unfortunately it is not a "wear" issue, rather a catastrophic one.

A $100 Mosin Nagant, or other comparable milsurp, fire it all day long and if it breaks, throw away or fix cheaply. A family heirloom early 1911, different beast all together.

Perhaps racing a vintage rolls royce that is passed down through the family once a year won't hurt it...
Do 1911 slides have a tendency to become more brittle at xxxx years of age?
Does forged steel loose strength over time or is it some other factor?
My point is the facts and science are there for those who seek them. Both questions above, and pretty much anything else related to 1911 metallurgy is far from a mystery.
Because a pistol is 100 years old, with no other data, does not by any means make it weaker.

I would never encourage anyone to shoot a firearm they didn't want to, but for the same reason I wouldn't tell them there was some risk without the facts.

Like I said, opinions vary. Provide some facts and respect the property owner's decisions when made using facts and logic.

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