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Originally Posted by Big_Red View Post
We are assured PB can be awful regardless of OS used. But then so can other hosting sites, and then there are some who have paid for the ad-free version.

As noted above, whatever site you use, we recommend pics directly in the ad, and beyond that, ensure your OS and AV are current, and use ad-blocker apps as needed...
One point of contention as far as posting the pictures, instead of links. Each user must go into their own settings and make it so they can post pictures. Is there a reason for this, or a reason you as an administrator don't switch it to an automatic capability? This is the only site I have ever used where the user had to flip a switch to post actual pictures instead of link.

Another change I would recommend, and have done so in the past. Can you change the settings so that only links are displayed when someone quotes a post with pictures in it? It is pretty silly when someone quotes a post that contains 3, 4, or 10 pictures, and just says nice, or cool, or wish I had seen it first, and you have to see the same pictures over again. It is just plain absurd when 10 people do the same thing in the same thread, so you have to scroll past the same block of pictures dozens of times.
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