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Originally Posted by Shomway View Post
Limited store report for today from a member there ....FWIW
One 1903/A4 today...2me3te on A4 scant stock
16 03's 1 Rock island 1 Remington 1 mark 1 Springfield on rack. they put everything out no limit on rifle purchase up to 8 garands year. other than the 1 03 per year was stated at restock today.
17 RM1 service 1 HRA, 1- 5 digit, 1 -6 digit and SA 1621xxx
13 field SA 1 - 5 digit 1 6 digit 2hra field service HRA 5.569 with 11-54 barrel, 1 SA service with that white USMC tag? Nothing with lockbar sights
I would have LOVED to have walked out with that A4!
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