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I think theres a lot of young guys and girls would love to own an M1 Garand but just can't afford one. I just had a young guy about 25 years old up at our club range about a week ago. As soon as he saw my two M1 Garands , I could tell he was interested. He said to his buddy about how he'd like to have one. As soon as I started shooting , he come up to my bench. He said he never held an M1 before. I picked my one rifle up and handed it to him. He had a big smile on his face holding it. I took it back and loaded 8 rds in it and told him he could shoot it. He said that made his day. His buddy took a video of him shooting for proof. I told him how to order one from the CMP. He said he was going home and check it out.I think a lot of young people enjoy shooting the M1 Garand. They just can't afford one on the wages they earn!!!
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