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Originally Posted by bandofM1 View Post
I was there at north store 7-17-19 the racks were full with Service grade ,Sa,Hra,IHCand rack grades and 1903 30 some a rack. Plus Specials and even fg specials. Got 2 very nice Garands. Store was very busy. Lots of nice rifles. Yes theNorth Store gets rifles!!
Nobody is claiming that the North Store didn’t get nice Rifles. The point is that your experience was not typical over the span of the matches. In fact not even close to being typical, even for those who came early before the store opened, and people are simply asserting that it didn’t have to be that way, and it shouldn’t have been that way.

One thing is certain though. If complaining about it did any good, the North Store would have received 5,000 service grades for the matches. Lol
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