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Originally Posted by mark98k View Post
Hi, I have recently shot a 100 rounds of the Iranian ammo from Samco (1 week ago), in a DCM I.H. garand in pristine condition, and the ammo fired so clean the inside of the cases appeared almost unfired afterwards. The accuracy was so good I drug out my Oehler 35m chronograph and after 6 years in its box it
worked unsurprisingly perfect, showing the ammo capable of speed spreads of 2,699 f.p.s. to 2,745 fps out of 10 consistent shots. Folks, for 42 year old ammo thats good. The groups were from sandbag position as small as 1 5/8", at a private range over 57 yards.
Yes, can we get a photo or description of the headstamp?
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