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No, the leather is "fresh cut". And don't worry about Neatsfoot's oil. It does stretch the leather a bit in holster applications, but the reason most of the slings in those World War II shots look inky black is, they used LOTS of the stuff, because they cut into the shoulder less. Remember, a holster with a handgun in it is under continual stress. A sling rarely is! I use Neatsfoot's. Mink oil works great, too, but there's one problem: animals--cats and dogs for sure, but probably a lot of other critters--smell something in it, hormones I suppose, and pay WAY too much attention. This can be about chewing or territorial marking, but neither one is good. So I avoid mink oil. There is probably some lanolin treatment done before these leave Holland, but Neatsfoot's really is the best thing to use. It's great for shoes and boots over the winter, too.

Edit: my supplier in the Netherlands has folded (2014) and I now have a half dozen suppliers.

The smell fades in a few weeks.

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