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Yeah Taco, that's not a great sign. There are 2 types of PayPal transactions, Friends and Family, and Merchandise.

If the buyer selects the Merchandise option, the buyer has a LOT more protection, even on eBay. That protection is easily abused, by saying something never arrived, arrived damaged, lost in transit etc, etc. In almost all situations PayPal will side with the buyer.

The other issue is that if PayPal finds out it is for anything gun related they will cancel your account, with no recourse on your part. This happened to at least one well known user here on the forum. (And it was for a scope)

I personally would consider refunding. And he can either select Friends and Family, or send some other form of payment. My personal favorite option is to get the guy on the phone, pretty quickly you can tell if it's fraud or not. Good luck man.

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