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Originally Posted by garyh View Post
I have the option "save in database" set but added photos show a picture path of the original location of the photo not a sub folder in the NM Collector folder. How do I get a copy saved within the NM C folder? I don't want to lose the photo if I move it out of the original folder. Also, I want all photos and the program in the same place to facilitate backups.
(I ran "copy photos into database" but nothing changed.)

Yes, that path still shows the original location that the pictures were loaded from. If you move them you will see that they still work in the program. If you did not have "save in database" checked and you moved the pictures they would not show up in the program. So, I think you are OK but you can test it by temporarily moving them to another location and then move them back when you are done testing.

When you save to the database it is actually saving the images in the nmcswDB folder as a binary objects. You will not see them in the NM C folder. If you want them in that folder for ease of backup you can create a pictures subdirectory and copy them there before you load them into NM Collector software. If you handle it this way you can actually uncheck the "save in database" option and as long as you back up the entire NM C directory (pictures and all) you will have all of your data backed up together.


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