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Default Thoughts on the AL State Championships at Talladega

I attended the Alabama State Service Rifle Match and Pistol EIC matches over the weekend. The weather was great and there was little to no wind all day Saturday (~1 min at 600). Here are a few thoughts I'd like to share with everyone about the events. Please feel free to add your own thoughts as well.

1. The facilities are all very nice and well kept, and the firing line
was clean and well defined.
2. The range officer over the match portion of the range and the match
director were both knowledgeable and friendly, and willing to work with the shooters when needed.
3. The target system failed for the third year in a row. I witnessed
multiple skilled shooters have unexplained "0.0"s register on their targets
at random and on different yard lines.
4. The CMP managing line staff were again quick to blame the shooter,
but this year I found it worse than previous years. They also strongly
any request to pull the cardboards due to it messing up the flow of the match.
5. The RO and match director defended the shooters as much as possible
and pulled the cardboard anyway. As far as I could see, ALL of the "0"s
were Target System ERRORS except for only 1.
6. The pistol matches were poorly administered by the target system booth. They did not know the proper commands AND did not know how to operate the target software. This led to a 30 shot match taking over ONE
HOUR to complete!
At one point, we had to wait 10-20 minutes for them to switch to the next stage in the computer.

This is the third time I have shot at the Talladega range, and I was
fortunate to not have any issues with the targets, this time (had two
targets fail last month while practicing). However, after seeing all the
same problems happen again, and the CMP management trying to deny their own protocol of pulling the cardboard in the name of match expediency, I do not know if I will attend another match at the Talladega range until both the targets and the attitudes of the management are fixed.

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