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I was an early supporter of the electornic targets. Shot the first Match at TMP and loved them.

I lost my faith this year in June when due to missmangment they failed at the first etarget EIC at Perry. CMP now seems to have written that off as a "club match" and keep posting stories about how great the etargets worked for the "first kts EiC at Perry" which was really the second one. But I digress...

Anyway they've had 3 years to make this right. It's officially a disaster at this point. The hardware is clearly flawed and its poor management only makes it worse. This drama is turning people off from CMP and the sport. I once was a CMP "evangist" ... now, I'm just disappointed.

Meanwhile, as you may know CMP has now declared that only CMP ROs can make the decision on if the cardboard gets checked or not.

Just a few months back I would have thought this was crazy talk but now it sounds to me like CMP is actively trying to cover up KTS failures.
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