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There are few civilians that can compete on the level of the AMU / Marine Corps. But I will never begrudge any of them for winning or earning awards. They EARN it. All of it. Most civilians would burn out and move on to something easier and less stressful or demanding in short time. Turning a hobby you love into a career and then being expected to compete at and maintain that level indefinitely would get old for most people. Most of the AMU / Marine Corps best and brightest are Olympic level competitors and aren’t even on the same plane of existence as us mere mortals.. I sure do aspire to be that good though. But I am just a part time amateur. Am I self funded? Yes. Do I have the “best” equipment? That is subjective, what I have works for me and I never feel I am losing points due to equipment. Do I believe I could be as good a competitor as anyone? Yes, I do.... IF I put in the time to train mentally, physically and emotionally. I know how to find the X ring. I don’t train nearly as much as I should or the best shooters (Civ or Mil) do. I don’t want to either!

High power first and foremost is an individual journey of personal growth and achievement. You need to set achievable goals and then achieve them and then set another goal. If you make the goal to put each round in the 10 or X ring and you achieve that goal for 50 / 80 / 100 shots then there are scant few competitors that could come close to challenging you. Chase your white whale but don’t make that whale so big he / she is unreachable. Make the reward personal achievement. If you are lucky you will make some very good friends along the way and they will give you a pat on the back when you achieve your goals.

I honestly can’t say I go to Camp Perry or any other match to win trophies and trinkets. I go to shoot amongst peers, make friends, and LEARN. There will always be someone better so if you want to be a threat you better train like it is life or death. If that isn’t your game then you need to find other suitable reasons to participate. This sport is HARD and no one gets anywhere for free. Jealousy surely doesn’t pad the score card either.
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